Ciarra INFINITY Smart Island Cooker Hood

  • Cooker Hood + Lamp Hood + Air Purifier 3 in 1
  • Ciarra newest Plasma+ System, H13 HEPA filter
  • Customizable outer shell
  • Recirculating air system, auto shut-off delay
  • 4 power levels, max 550m³/h
  • LED ambient light ring, controllable via sensor touch & smart life APP
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Advice: Replace the H13 HEPA filter every 180 days
  • “Ciarra INFINITY” support customization, pls feel free to contact us:
  • 📦PRE-ORDER, estimated lead time:   2023-03-30
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Not Your Ordinary Cooker Hood

The Only One You Need

Ciarra INFINITY will redefine cooker hood, Ciarra INFINITY offers cutting-edge technologies with unique functionalities and features. This piece of art combines trio functions, a powerful cooker hood, a decorative lamp, also an air purifier; it offers 550m³/h suction power, also with our Plasma+ System and HEPA filtration, cleaner air will be brought to your living space. Also, the outer shell can be customizable, you have a picture or printing in mind? Ciarra will bring it to life for you. Let’s discover the infinite possibilities with INFINITY.

Designed to deliver better AIR

Grease filter for cooking – the 8 layers of mesh stainless steel filters can remove grease particles from cooking.
H13 HEPA filter for air purification – H13 HEPA filters removes odors and captures up to 99.97% of 0.3μm particles, including pollen, dust, smoke and viruses. Believe it or not, Ciarra INFINITY can completely regenerate the air in a living space of approximately 30 square meters in only 30 minutes.
Plasma+ System for fresher kitchen – any odours and scents molecule chains pass through an electrified plasma environment with 3000V, are disintegrated and converted into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Ciarra INFINITY can provide you with a happy cooking experience and fresher air.

Everything at your fingertips

Can you imagine how easy is it to get everything under control? From cooking to parties, with the intuitive touch control panel and Smart Life app, you can quickly select speed levels and lighting with just one tap!
The premium RGB color-changing LED ring light will keep everything on your countertop visible. You can easily adjust the color of the light at your desire and it will be a full color spectrum for you to choose from. The fabulous INFINITY cooker hood will definitely add a sparkling focal point to the kitchen.

You Dream It, We Make It

Art is everywhere in our lives and everything can be art. You can now design your own cooker hood! Finding the potentiality, freeing from actuality. Be your own artist! Ciarra INFINITY’s customizable outer shell makes your dreams come true!


We are always committed when it comes to our Green Mission, and we took it even further this time, the INFINITY not only comes in a dishwasher-safe 8 layers stainless steel lifelong grease filter but also the built-in Plasma+ System which can help extend the machine’s lifespan. Besides those, let’s not forget about the recycled ABS materials that we use to craft the outer shell of the cooker hood and the newly upgraded FSC-certified packaging. We are reducing our waste, and extending the product’s longevity from the inside out, let’s keep this GREEN Mission sustainable.

Smart Life Instructions

Download and Installation of Smart Life APP

I. You must use an Android phone or iPhone to download and use this APP.

2. Search “Smart Life” in the Google Play store for Android or IOS App Store to download and install the APP.

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Ciarra INFINITY Smart Island Cooker Hood

Ciarra INFINITY Smart Island Cooker Hood