Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Cooker Hood – Pre Order

  • Powerful: 2m³/Min strong suction power with DC motor, perfect solution to the problem of exhaust fumes at home hot pot BBQ.
  • Portable: Small, light and convenient and takes up no space. In mini size can cook with it whenever and wherever.
  • Affordable: No technical installation is required, and it can be used immediately after power on, saving additional costs.
  • Easy to operate and clean: One-button start, 2 speed settings to meet your needs. Simply wipe with a clean rag to keep stains away.
  • Effective filtration: With 3 layers different filters that highly filter fumes and odors. Filters are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.
  • Multi-purpose: Really suitable for family reunion, friends gathering, you can enjoy the outdoor fun at home. Also can be given as a gift to friends, will certainly bring a surprise.
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • 📦PRE-ORDER, estimated shipping time: 2023-04-30
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Good to go, easy to go.

Are you still worried about the odors when you are having a hot pot or barbecue with your friends? Are you still cooking outside in a heavy coat during winter RV trips?

It’s time to move where you cook from the kitchen to the living room, event room, RV, camper… Food is always the center of the party, so cook whenever and wherever with Ciarra, let HOOD TO GO be the essential companion at every gathering. This easy to carry and store HOOD TO GO would also become a perfect gift.

Mini but mighty.

With the high efficient motor, the Ciarra HOOD TO GO has a pretty strong suction power, it effectively removes odors and absorbs grease, protecting you and your family from harmful cooking fumes at every corner. The energy efficient motor ensures strong airflow with a low noise level of only 65db; and you can easily adjust 2 speed levels at your fingertip.

Triple filters for trio filtration.

All cooking odors will be extracted by HOOD TO GO, and passed through 3 different filters that extract grease particles from the cooking vapors, reducing the intensity of lingering odors, and leaving you with clean air. HOOD TO GO has a polymer filter for separation, an aluminum filter for filtration, also a carbon filter for purification. With 3 filters in one product, each of them perform their respective functions, forming a three-dimensional step-by-step protective shield for you. And, with magnetically attached filter holders, changing filters has never been easier.

The magic trick, easy, easy!

The polymer filter and aluminum filter are dishwasher-safe to provide you with the easiest purification possible. Ciarra HOOD TO GO is coming with a large capacity oil collecting cup and now is the time to say goodbye to grease buildup that is difficult to get rid of. Thanks to our upgraded recycled ABS material, you will know how easy it is to just wipe off any stain on this super duper durable little guy.


We are always committed when it comes to our Green Mission, and we took it even further this time, the INFINITY not only comes in a dishwasher-safe 8 layers stainless steel lifelong grease filter but also the built-in Plasma+ System which can help extend the machine’s lifespan. Besides those, let’s not forget about the recycled ABS materials that we use to craft the outer shell of the range hood and the newly upgraded FSC-certified packaging. We are reducing our waste, and extending the product’s longevity from the inside out, let’s keep this GREEN Mission sustainable.

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Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Cooker Hood – Pre Order

Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Cooker Hood – Pre Order