CIARRA 60cm Angled Wall Mounted Cooker Hood CBCB6750-B

  • 60cm glass cooker hood, max 350m³/h
  • Exhaust and recirculating air system
  • 3 power levels, incl. activated carbon filter
  • LED lighting, control with Bronze Push Button
  • Height-adjustable telescopic shaft
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Advice: Replace the carbon filter every 2-4 months.
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Strong Suction Power

The 60cm angled cooker hood with max 350m³/h suction power, also features 3-speed levels to suit your needs; it can remove smoke and cooking odors with ease in the kitchen. cooker hood keeps your kitchen fresh and clean so you can enjoy the time preparing delicious meals for your family and friends.

Ventilation Mode

You can choose between recirculation or extraction mode.

Recirculation Mode: Recirculating with CBCF002X2-OW (included), you must install the carbon filter for recirculating. The smells and odors can be filtered and vented through the top vented hole and the exhaust pipe is not required.

Extraction Mode: You can install the 1.5m long and 150mm diameter aluminum exhaust pipe for extracting, which is included in the installation kit.

Aluminum Grease Filter

The Range Hood Has A Detachable 5 Layers Aluminum Grease Filter That Efficiently Captures Grease And Moisture Out Of Your Cooking Area. With The Aluminum Grease Filter. You could put the filter in the dishwasher on high temperature mode, no need to add detergent.

Mechanical Push Buttons

With the mechanical push buttons, you can easily switch the 3 different levels of fan speed and control the lights. The cooker hood is suitable for a variety of cooking methods from simmer to grill.

Easy Cleaning

When your cooker hood runs every day to keep your kitchen clean and fresh, you can also spend a little bit of your time taking care of your cooker hood. This angled temper glassed cooker hood is very easy to clean, and you can lift the entire front glass panel to 60° and stop at any angle, so you can clean the grease filter and replace the carbon filter more easily.

Energy-Saving LED Lights

The 2W LED lights can perfectly light up your cooking area, and are also energy efficient.

CIARRA 60cm Angled Wall Mounted Cooker Hood CBCB6750-B

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CIARRA 60cm Angled Wall Mounted Cooker Hood CBCB6750-B