Ciarra ONE Induction Hob Ultra 830mm With Built-In Plasma⁺ System CBBEH834BBFF-OW

  • Two Souls in ONE: 83cm built-in induction hob combined with extractor.
  • Ciarra cooking zones with an automatic extractor for easy operation.
  • Powerful Booster Function: Up to 7000W and 400m³/h Suction power.
  • Flexible cooking with 2 flex zone.
  • Free Up Your Kitchen Space: A high-end kitchen solution.
  • Integrated Plasma⁺ System: Effortlessly removes cookimg smells and smoke, get fresh air in your home.
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Two Souls In ONE

To meet the perfect marriage between hood and cooktop and to get rid of odor from where it is produced. Ciarra ONE is an illustration of the distinctive balance between technology, functionality and aesthetics. Ready to know more about the ultimate solution for your kitchen.

Amplify To Exceed ONE

Can you imagine how high tech integrated in a super lean body with a powerful soul? We know sometimes an extractor hood is not enough to help you get rid of all the bad smells, but we got you covered with our cutting-edge Plasma⁺ System, it eliminates not only odors but also bacteria and germs.

Kitchen Beyond The Boundaries

Don’t let the home chef be stuck in the kitchen anymore, the Ciarra ONE features a streamlined design that blends seamlessly into the countertop. No more visual distractions of head height, connect with family and friends even while cooking, or just enjoy the outstanding scenic beauty out the window.

To Design Your Kitchen Size Freedom And Save More Space

Whether you have limited space or grand cooking area, our cutting-edge electromagnetic hood is designed to complement any kitchen layout while ensuring efficient smoke to odor extraction. With a variety of dimensions available, you can now effortlessly find the perfect fit to your kitchen setup. Embrace the freedom of choice with our multi-sized induction cooktop extractor, and elevate your culinary experience like never before.

Super Charge Your Kitchen Efficiency

How to explode in silence? The 39cm extractor hob with energy efficient motor ensures 350m³/h airflow with a pleasure sound level of only 60db; and 2 powerful cooking zones with 1 Booster, have extremely precise temperature control with 9 power levels.


The induction cooking is recognized as the most energy efficient by the comparison of electric and gas cooking and the A energy efficient Ciarra ONE guarantees the maximum result with minimal energy consumption. In addition, thanks to our Plasma⁺ System now you can say goodbye to filter replacement and free you from extra cost.

Ciarra ONE Induction Hob Ultra 830mm With Built-In Plasma⁺ System CBBEH834BBFF-OW

Ciarra ONE Induction Hob Ultra 830mm With Built-In Plasma⁺ System CBBEH834BBFF-OW