Air pollution and allergic

Ciarra INFINITY is designed to deliver better air by capturing and eliminating up to 99.97% of fine particles from airborne pollutants.

Care Is In The Air

Plasma+ System

H13 HEPA Filter

Designed to deliver better air

Ciarra INFINITY will completely regenerate the air in a lived-in space of around 30㎡ in only 30 minutes.

From To The World Of Design

Red dot award winning product

Everything At Your Fingertips

Ambient Light

Aesthetic Functionalism

Dream Big, Be Unique, Live an Extraordinary Life

Infinite Creativity for a Finite World

Customizable outer shell


A Modern Approach For A Modern Home.

What is art? Art is creativity and imagination, it is the eyes of the beholder, art is everywhere in our lives, everything can become art.



Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is inspired by vintage aesthetics, modern influences and the future. We create beautiful, savoir faire products that portray your lifestyle.



Reflect Your Imagination

Finding the potentiality, freeing from actuality. Be bold, be creative, be your own artist, create your art piece with sentimental value, Ciarra INFINITY will do the rest.



You Dream It, We Make It

From glorious epic to unpredictable future; or from ancient European palace to wild African savannah, art is timeless and has no boundaries.



Total Value At €200

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